Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laryngitis is not my friend...

It all started with a sore throat last Monday...and it went downhill from there. Tuesday I woke up with laryngitis, and my poor voice hasn't come back yet. (yuck.)

So, we've had a pretty low-key week, mostly hanging out around the house. I think even my homebody boys are starting to get cabin fever. I'm hoping this week will provide us some opportunities to visit the park.

I did pull out the paints and create a little wall-hanging for Andrew's room. Max says it looks like it was painted by a 4th-grader, but that's sort of the point. Plus, it was my first attempt at painting more than chipboard or a solid color background. Christian wants a construction vehicle for his painting, but I'm thinking I may try a little mixed media for him. I'm feeling brave! ;)

The boys did help me bake this week. I'm beginning to think they only offer to help so they can do clean-up (see video below). :)

(My voice is better now than it was on the video, but it's still kinda pathetic.)


A. Wanda said...

Dawn, great job on the truck, it's so cute. Did you use canvas or paper. The boys are getting so big.

Dawn Hopkins said...

Aunt Wanda - or should I call you Peaches? ;)

It's an 8x10 canvas that I bought half-price at Michael's.

I just used acrylic paints that were in my scrapbook stash.