Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saving money is good...

We're trying to be more frugal (not an easy task for me) and have decided to start using coupons. I used to be a great sale/coupon shopper, but got out of the habit. With the help of the Southern Savers website, I embarked on grocery shopping trips to Publix and Winn-Dixie, coupons and sales flyers in hand. I stocked up big-time...we were over-flowing the back storage area of the van. In the end, I spent $190, but I saved $155! Math nerd that I am, I had to figure out the percentage - 44% off the grocery bill! Besides milk, we're now stocked for at least two weeks.

For Mother's Day, Max let me go on a little scrapbook shopping spree at Scrapbook Chicks. They happen to be having some fantastic sales running right now. I bought over $60 worth of product for $35 (including shipping)!

Moral of the story...saving money feels really good!

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